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Review: Cold Showers

Ah… getting drunk at a bar, going home with a handsome stranger to shag, and waking up in the morning full of regrets and mortification when he tries to give you money because he thought you were a prostitute. Oh, come on, that happens to everyone… right? (Crickets) Jayda Wright, career-driven woman who was just made a partner at the law firm the tender age of twenty-nine, remembers she has a boyfriend, goes home to him to celebrate, and finds him there with a whole new girlfriend. Jeez, Jayda, when was the last time you talked to this dude? An occasional "U up?" would have prevented this awkwardness. Anyway, he tells her he's tired of being taken for granted and wants to be with someone who actually wants to hang out with him. He gives Jayda some shit about being a career woman and she leaves brokenhearted.  Well, honestly, not all that broken up about it, maybe. She goes to a bar and tells the bartender she intends to get fucked up and fucked in that order 

Review: "Prince of Womanizers"

TRIGGER Warning. This is my first ever review of a web fic novel. Written by Niño Noel Manalo, "Prince of the Womanizers" (which is in Tagalog), this romantic comedy novel is set in the Philippines and starts out when the two lead characters are in their teens. Word of warning: The male lead Aivan Marcus Gonzales is a dick. If you are not a fan of asshole heroes, stay clear of this one. However, if you're a bit of a masochist like me and curious as to how the writer can possibly turn a cruel, misogynistic, physically and mentally abusive fourteen year old boy who bullies his foster sister (which includes sexual molestation), then you're reading the right book. If you think this character should be boiled alive, skinned, then set on fire, then you're probably not going to enjoy this one. Now, a story like this can only really truly work if the female lead can give as good as she gets, but that only happens in the latter half of the book and our heroine