Review: Desire For Revenge

Desire For Revenge Desire For Revenge by Penny Jordan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cute, quick story, though the ending came rather abruptly. Hero/heroine are fighting, No HEA in sight,still some issues to resolve, but all of a sudden, they're in the same room and there are three pages left and they're saying they love each other and want to get married ASAP. THE END.

Sarah and Joss come across each other at a masquerade ball, their eyes meet and lock. Sarah gets breathless because she has never felt this way about anyone, let alone a man she hasn't met. My homie Joss goes up to her and asks her to dance. Instant connection, insta-lust. He's feeling it, she's feeling it, so homie says, "I want to make love to you." Sarah practically swoons upon hearing this and says she wants that, too. Joss says he's got a cottage nearby, Sarah says, "Take me there." Joss is on a roll! At this point, they don't even know each other's names yet! Anyway, Sarah loses her virginity to him. Joss is elated because he thinks he's found his dream woman, he's thinking true love is real and he is just so very happy, but Sarah has a major freak-out in the middle of the night while Joss is asleep and sneaks away. She does this because the lovemaking meant so much to her and she's afraid that if she stuck around till morning, she'll find out that it meant nothing to Joss. She didn't think she could take the pain. So she runs away.

Meanwhile, back in London where Sarah lives and works as an editor of women's fiction, she is determined to get on with her life and forget all about her mystery lover. Besides, having gotten rid of her pesky virginity, she's pretty sure now that the nasty, creepy writer who's been heavily sexually harassing her will finally leave her alone because Sarah is convinced that it was only her virginity he was obsessed with. Oh Sarah, you adorable naif! Oh, and wait till she meets her new boss... JOSS, the guy she wham-bammed-thank-you-ma'amed.Can you believe that amazing coincidence? The guy she fell in love with at first sight, the guy she gave her V to, is her new boss. Oh! And he will also be living in the house that Sarah has fantasized living in all her life. Ain't that a hoot?

Joss is super pissed, of course. He thought Sarah felt the same way he did and their lovemaking had sealed the deal. He becomes bitter and disillusioned when he woke up to find her gone. Then he walks into his new London office on Monday morning as the new owner/editor in chief of the publishing house where Sarah works and guess who he finds there...

Sarah and Joss have an adorable meet-cute and I totally bought that they had an instant connection. But of course, the story needs to keep going so Sarah tells Joss that she only used him to get rid of her virginity in order to protect herself from getting hurt, and Joss gets even more mad and decides he wants revenge from Sarah for crushing his hopes and dreams. Petty jealousies, big misunderstandings, angry words, regretful tears and lots of grabbing and not-so-gentle kisses soon follow.

Like I said, it's a quick read but it lags a little bit in the middle because Joss and Sarah basically go around in circles. Oh, and I was really annoyed by Sarah most of the time because she can be so stubborn to the point that she's being obtuse. She almost gets raped because she doesn't tell anyone that this creepy writer has been sexually harassing her for six months until it escalates to the point where he's moments from succeeding in raping her.

I liked Joss. I like the notion of a hero "seeking the one," instead of the other way around. It's cute.

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