Review: Tiger, Tiger

Tiger, Tiger Tiger, Tiger by Robyn Donald
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

For an oh-no-we-cant-bone-we-might-be-siblings story, this was kind of boring. I was hoping for a more lurid, salacious, V.C. Andrews-type-of-forbidden angle, but novel doesn't quite go there. The H/h just don't have the connection/chemistry to pull it off.

Keane and Lecia meet each other at a festival in the park and both are struck dumb by their resemblance to each other. They look so much alike that they could be boy/girl versions of each other. And it's insta-lust for these two. What a strange form of narcissism.

I just wasn't convinced that these two couldn't live without each other. On Lecia's part, it is more believable because she has this almost hero-worship for Keane, but then again, the story is almost entirely from her POV. I just couldn't get the same sense of "I don't care if we're blood-related, I love you and I want to stay with you" desperation from Keane.

The tone of the story just didn't match the narrative. Because the premise is so grand and melodramatic, the storytelling should have been no-holds-barred angst and bombastic crying and screaming followed by a super intense lovemaking marathon or something. It just needed more drama! More yelling! Keane needed to be more alpha, more tormented. There just wasn't enough grabbing and mauling and punishing kisses.

I shiver in horrified pleasure to imagine what Charlotte Lamb or Sally Wentworth could have done with this premise.

It's really too bad because the story is original and scintillating. It just needed more drama...and more interesting H/h. At the end of the book, I just wasn't convinced that Keane was crazy in love with Lecia. Like he could have gone, "meh," and walked away just fine. I couldn't even buy the "I can't eat, can't sleep" spiel. I'm sorry, but I need more crazy stalker psychotic tendencies in my Harlequin Presents hero and Keane just doesn't cut it.

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